Digital directories and kiosks provide the ability to obtain important information with a couple of touches to a screen. We build streamlined structures incorporating custom software designed to suit your purpose. Choose from our existing KING architectural free standing units or we will work with you to develop your custom concept.


KINGtouch is an advanced, feature rich interactive touch screen based directory software developed by JIBESTREAM Interactive Media for KING Architectural Products.

KINGtouch is designed to help people find information quickly and easily in a user friendly format. Our customers realize operational savings through self managed changes and content updates, on screen postings of important notices and potential LEED credits.

KINGtouch can be utilized in office towers, campuses, hospitals, government buildings and multiple other high traffic venues. Content may include, but is not limited to: Tenant listings, maps, floor plans, notices and promotional items.

KING Architectural Products will provide an elegant custom housing solution to suit your interior design, whether it is a free-standing plinth, desk mounted or wall mounted or recessed unit.

Click here to download the KINGtouch end-user license