Peter Weber (President)

Peter has thirty years of experience working in the sign industry making him an expert in all areas of our business.   He leads by example taking a hands on approach to projects and production.  He is dedicated to the success of what we do at WSI and is involved in both the small and large details of our work.  With his leadership our team follows suit ensuring that we are providing the best service, fabrication and end results that we strive for.

Andy Cook (Vice-President Manufacturing)

Andy has over thirty six years of experience in manufacturing signage and for the past twelve  years has been responsible for the engineering and co-ordination of our custom products.  Andy is masterful at translating a sign concept into a 3D structural and functional sign.  He draws on his knowledge of a vast selection of supply materials, our team and equipment, and the specific project installation conditions.   It is through Andy’s ingenuity that WSI is often able to complete projects involving complex designs and installations in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Janice Cameron Production Coordinator )

Janice has twenty six years of experience in the sign industry with the past fifteen years at WSI.  Janice oversees the management of all projects ensuring the smooth and timely scheduling of production, installation, billing and thorough completion of work to our client’s satisfaction. She juggles the multitude of important changing information and timelines and redirects work efforts accordingly driving the success of our programs.

J.D. Lout General Manager, KING Architectural Products )

JD has spent his entire career in the sign-industry. In his 28 years with KING Architectural, JD has gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the industry, allowing him to guide his clients in selecting the signage that most appropriately suits their needs. His energy and tenacity assure that all aspects of a project are managed in the most professional and efficient way. JD began his employment in the manufacturing division of KING, working his way through the estimating department and project management division to become the General Manager of the Architectural Division. JD’s strong background and management style assists production in completing projects in an efficient and highly quality controlled manner. All manufacturing details are discussed, outlined and documented for all stakeholders before production commences. JD has been responsible for the successful management of KING’s most high profile American projects.

Wen Li ( Manager – Drafting / Graphics & IT )

Wen has been with WSI Sign Systems + KING Architectural Products since 2005 and has 12 years of experience in Signage Drafting & Design. Since joining WSI + KING as a Sr. Draftsperson, Wen’s role has quickly expanded to become a Manager of the Drafting and Graphics Department as well as the IT Administrator. Wen’s organizational & time management skills, allows him to continuously implement process changes and improvements to make us more efficient to deliver greater customer satisfaction. Under his leadership work flows smoothly through Drafting, Graphics and Production. Having worked on many high profile projects, Wen can easily transform Artist / Designers concept to workable shop drawings or permit drawings that conform to design intent. With an eye for detail, many issues are resolved on the drawing board. Wen’s attention to detail makes him a valuable member of the team when faced with some of our more challenging projects.